Liberty Loh!

Liberty in the Navy represents the time after your office hours or the time after your work. You are free to do whatever you want – or at least until liberty expires the next morning.

Achieving financial freedom is akin to having freedom that a sailor gets when he is on liberty, the autonomy to do whatever you want. Having enough money to do be able to do what you want freely is exactly what I am trying to achieve through investing.

Travelling also offers a different kind of liberation, a different kind of freedom. Travelling relaxes your mind, broadens your perspectives and sets your soul free. In short, travelling offers liberty to not only our physical but also our mental self.

This is Me, and this is my journey


Miss travelling and finding how seemingly insignificant he is in this small world.

Loves eating, seeing, feeling, experiencing the thrills that a journey brings.

Owns a humble GoPro Hero 4 Silver that helps him capture memories.

Believes that memories are timeless, and time is meaningfully spent when it is used to create memories.

Enjoys acting, singing, dancing, performing – to unleash the inner emotions that are bursting out of him

Avid Investor – aims to achieve financial freedom through investment

Disclaimer: All the posts that I have made are based on my opinion and research. This is no recommendation of any investment products of any kind. Please do your due diligence before making any investment choices. 


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