Oct 2016 Portfolio Update

Current Portfolio Size: $20,519.00 (based on value subsequently)

Current YTD: 6.84% (with dividends)


Purchases made during Oct
  1. United Industrial Corp(SGX:U06); $2.74 for 700 shares
  2. Far East Orchard(SGX:O10); $1.51 for 1300 shares
Divestment during Oct
  1. Nil
Dividends collected during Oct
  1. OUE Limited(SGX:LJ3); $0.01 for 1200 shares
  2. OUE Limited(SGX:LJ3); $0.02 for 1200 shares

Total Dividends Collected: $36.00

Finally completed my review on my portfolio! First, I had to check if any of my current holdings have met their price targets, and if they did, I should have sold them to realise the profits. Nope, none did. Next, I had to check if any of my current holdings have failed their POF criteria, and if they did, I should have sold them to cut my losses. Nope, none did.

After which, I repeated the entire process of scanning, measuring financial performance, checking if they met the CNAV criteria as well as checking other qualitative metrics to search for more opportunities. First was United Industrial Corp and second was Far East Orchard.

United Industrial Corp (SGX:U06) develops and invests in properties, and provides property management, information technology, development management and consultancy services. The Company also trades in computers and related products, and invests in hotels and retail centers.

Far East Orchard (SGX:O10) is a diversified real estate developer with a global portfolio in development and investment properties. The Company is also a vertically integrated regional hospitality owner and operator with a sizeable overseas network. Its portfolio includes purpose-built medical suites in Singapore and student accommodation properties in the United Kingdom.

With these two additions, my total number of stocks that I am currently holding is 10. When you are cock sure about the stocks that you are holding will become champion stocks, you can choose to hold just a few stocks. However, if you did not spend enough time to throughly examine each aspect of the company you are holding, it is more advisable to hold a variety of stocks to diversify the risk of a couple of failing stocks.



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