Sep 2016 Portfolio Update

Current Portfolio Size: $16,977.00 (based on value subsequently)

Current YTD: 8.32% (with dividends)

Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 2.07.41 PM.png

Purchases made during Sep
  1. Nil
Divestment during Sep
  1. Nippecraft (SGX:N32); $0.033 for 3000 shares
Dividends collected during Sep
  1. 1. OUE Comm REIT(SGX:TS0U); $0.012 for 3100 shares
  2. 2. OUE Comm REIT(SGX:TS0U); $0.0076 for 3100 shares
  3. 3. OUE Comm REIT(SGX:TS0U); $0.0072 for 3100 shares

Total Dividends Collected: $83.08

Finally seeing my portfolio starting to grow into a sizeable amount for the year. TBH, I’m quite happy with the gain of 8% thus far. The key word, however, for this gain is sustainability. It will be useless if this gain is unsustainable. In spite of the current market situation (i.e. Brexit, US presidential elections, slow economy in home country Singapore), a gain of 8% is something that I am pleased with but will be happier if it continues to rally till my year-end review, which I will evaluate how well have my year been.

Procrastination has really got into me such that I have not been regularly updating this blog. Perhaps the entire mindset of me setting up this blog was wrong in the first place. In essence, I should refocus on why I started blogging in the first place. It is not an avenue for other people to read. It is an avenue for ME to read and think. I should have the discipline to continually update this blog and ensure that information posted here is up to date. I should be accountable for myself.

Speaking about procrastination, I have came across something interesting today. It is called the 70% rule. Coincidentally, there is also a 70% rule on investing as well. But I am not talking about that. This 70% rule originated from the US Marine Corps. It says that if you have 70% of the confidence in the success of the decision, do it.

As long as you have 70% of the information, 70% of the resources to complete the project, and you’re 70% sure that you are likely to succeed, then you are ready to go



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