May 2016 Portfolio Update

Current Portfolio Size: $15,915.42

Current Projected Dividend yield:  2.67%

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 1.08.48 AM.png
Purchases made during May

  1. OUE Comm Reit; $0.64 for 3,100 shares
  2. Nippecraft; $0.03 for 3,000 shares

Divestment during May

  1. Starhub; $3.53 for 500 shares

Dividends collected during May

  1. Starhub; $0.05 per share for 500 shares
  2. Hong Fok; $0.01 per share for 2,700 shares
  3. OUE Limited; $0.01 per share for 1,200 shares
  4. Starhub; $0.05 per share for 500 shares

Total Dividends Collected: $89.00

Still holding onto my strategy, believing that the value of these stocks will be unlocked in the future and the price will rise to or near to NAV such that I will be able to sell them off.

Again, in order to be consistent with my strategy, I have divested Starhub at a small profit after collecting two rounds of dividends. So I am quite satisfied. Even though it seems like Starhub still has potential to reach a higher price because of its new security venture, I feel that I should not speculate on that.

I’ve added two new stocks, OUE Comm Reit and Nippecraft. OUE Comm Reit mainly invest in real estate for commercial purposes such as offices in town area. Examples of its holdings include One Bayfront, One Raffles Place. Nippecraft specialises in office products for businesses.

The problem that I am having with Nippecraft currently is accumulating enough shares to make it a substantial portion of my portfolio. Following the rule of $2,000, I would need to accumulate 63,600 shares at $0.03 to make up $2,000. Currently I am only able to accumulate 3,000 due to the low liquidity of its share.

It has been 6 months since I’ve put in my first dollar into a share. The performance of STI during this period is -3.78%. The performance of my Value Fund is 0.48%. But at least I beat the index – a justification I give myself for putting in so much effort. Currently I’m still holding 34.7% cash. I will be waiting for the next opportunity to fully utilise this warchest before I head over to Korea for exchange studies in August!



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