Phuket Trip in 4 days

A short getaway to celebrate the end of Year 2 Semester 2 of University life! It’s been a good run this year, joining stuff that I wish to join, trying new stuff and continuing with the old. Exams have never been so relaxing before for the past 3 semesters. I can even say that I prepared the least for this semester’s exams! No guarantees in the results part though~

Total Cost: SGD$525

Date: 4 May 16 (Wed) – 7 May 16 (Sat)

Flight Details:

AirAsia, 4 May 1315hrs (SG) ~ 1400hrs (Phuket) SGD$74

JetStar 7 May 2200hrs (Phuket) ~ 0005hrs (SG) SGD$64

Let’s go boys!


Patong Studio Apartments SGD$23.50 per pax for 3 nights

Soi Koknam,Patong, Kathu District,Phuket 83150

View from our place

Personal opinion here, if you are just looking for a comfortable place to sleep in with air-con, a clean toilet to wash up, a small kitchen to prepare your breakfast. This is the place! There is also a big fridge to use. There is nothing much in the building, no nice view, nothing. But you can take a short 5min walk outside to many eating places, shops, etc.


Rental Provider: NATIONAL

Nissan Almera, SGD$140

Car condition was good, we enjoyed our ride thoroughly throughout the entire trip because it brought us to places we otherwise would not go without driving there!

Day 1 (Wed)

Highlight of the day is going for the Phuket Simon Cabaret show (Ladyboy show)! We booked our tickets thru BeMyGuest website at a discounted rate. There are also a variety of activities that you can find if you’re interested here! There are 3 time slots for the shows, 1800hrs, 1945hrs and 2130hrs. (~SGD$23)

Let’s go boys!

There was a variety of performances in this show that caters to different kinds of people e.g. Chinese, Caucasian, Indians. Their attempt to appeal to different cultures is remarkable. Being exposed to different cultures in Singapore since young definitely played a part in helping us know the different references they had in various scenes!

After the show, we randomly drove around and accidentally found ourselves in Bangla Street, the red light district in Phuket. Apparently, the most crowded time of the week is Wednesday. There were so many people, so many attractions, so many things going on. Utterly impressed by the atmosphere here! But we didn’t really visit the bars / clubs because we were not very interested.

Took more videos than pictures here

Day 2 (Thurs)

Our entire day was spent island hopping at Krabi. I had a better impression of Krabi than Phuket my previous time here. So I decided to psycho my friends to do island hopping there instead.

We got our tickets from Phuket Travel Company (~THB 1700), which included the boat ride to Krabi, transfer to a speed boat to various islands, lunch, snorkeling equipment, hotel transfer. I feel that the prices quoted here are reasonable and the owner of this website is very prompt and responsive.

Boat Transfer from Phuket to Krabi


Water at Krabi islands was relatively clearer than Phuket, hence you can see more snorkeling here! This was my favourite part of the entire day!

Day 3 (Fri)

Whitewater rafting was the highlight for today. We booked another package from Phuket Travel Company that included Whitewater rafting, monkey cave visit, Flying fox and Elephant trekking (~THB 999). The price also included hotel transfer and lunch.

Monkey Cave
Flying Fox
Calm before the storm

We took an hour of van ride to the Monkey Cave for a short 20min visit. It was the only part of the itinerary that was out of place and we have no clue why would they plan it like that. After that we proceeded to the camp site for the rest of the activities. There was an optional upgrade for our whitewater rafting from the 5km route to the 7km route. The extra 2km route included the rapid trail which they claimed to be “more exciting”. Since we were there already, we decided to go for the upgrade, being the youngest adventurous souls there.

At night, we decided to go a seafood party. We visited Bang Pae Seafood which was an hour drive away from our accommodation. Take note that it closes at 2030hrs so remember to go there early! My advice is to go before sunset so you can get a nice view while having dinner! We totally missed it because we reach at around 1900hrs. Phuket is not a very nice place to have super nice seafood but Bang Pae is worth the trip in terms of prices, value, and the environment there!


Day 4 (Sat)

Waking the up at 4am, we began our journey to Fisherman’s Wharf for a breathtaking view of sunrise. Since i’m not a morning person, I just stoned there and slowly waited for the sun to wake up, allowing the mosquitos to feast on their new-found prey.

Sunrise View @ Fisherman’s Wharf

After which, we took an hour ride to Old Phuket Town for lunch and sight-seeing. The employee of the place that we had lunch told us that it would be better if we came on Sunday Nights as the streets would be closed and people are free to roam around on the streets. Unfortunately, we would be flying off tonight, better luck next time~

We then slowly made our way to different parts of Phuket that will reward us with a magnificent view. We started with Karon View Point, where there were few tourists. We went to more secluded beaches near Windmill View Point. If you want a more peaceful time with less tourists and more waves, try Nai Harn Beach. We then drove to Windmill View Point which had a fantastic view.

Karon View Point
Windmill View Point

Finally we ended our trip with Promthep Cape for sunset. When they said that it is a popular tourist spot, they were not joking. But nevertheless, we found a route to a less populated area and treated ourselves with the view.


One blessing, one rock at a time

Although in the end we didn’t managed to catch sunset as it was a cloudy evening, we were glad that we made the journey to the end of Promthep Cape. There was a tree at the southern end of Promthep Cape and there were many rocks stacked up beside a small Buddha statue. I guess it is a way for the people who were once there to leave their mark or a small blessing for the next person visiting. It was humbling, it was soothing and it was an amazing experience.



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